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The Mailredirect extension for Mozilla Thunderbird (version 6.0 and above) and SeaMonkey adds the ability to redirect one or more email messages to one or more recipients.
The feature of email redirecting is also known as remailing or resending.
This extension is an answer for bug #12916.

Who wants this extension?

In office environment there is sometimes a need to forward email with original headers to somebody else. If Forward or Edit as new command is used, headers are very different comparing to original message (other From, Message-Id, Date fields). If you use the Mailredirect Extension headers are not changed, so the recipient of redirected mail has almost the original message. In practice all important headers in redirected message are identical to original one (From, CC, Message-Id, Date).

People who are "sorting" incoming email messages to their company are the first users who would like to use the Mailredirect Extension.
I think every experienced email user will appreciate the Mailredirect Extension.

If above description is not clear for you, take a look at the original one.

How it works

When redirecting email, body and headers are left untouched, so fields like Received:, From:, To: in redirected message are the same as in original one.
However redirected mail differs a bit from original one. A few new headers are added: Resent-From:, Resent-To:, Resent-Date:, Resent-Message-Id: and Resent-User-Agent: which allow to identify redirected mails.
For more details about the redirecting feature and discussion about it, go to bug #12916 page on bugzilla. You can also take a look at RFC 2822 section 3.6.6.


Thunderbird < 6.0 is no longer supported. For installing the extension on Thunderbird 6.0 or newer follow the steps on the installation page. For installing the extension on older versions of Thunderbird, try to download an older version of the extension here. SeaMonkey is supported as well.


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