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Most users use the mailing list to report problems they have with Mail Redirect. For that reason it is always a good idea to look at the list archives to see if your problem has been reported before.

If the problem has been reported before, you can follow up on the mailing list. If it isn't, you can report it either there, or create a ticket. For me to be able to investigate your issue I need two pieces of information: Troubleshooting Information and contents of the Error Console.

Troubleshooting Information

The Troubleshooting Information contains most information that is needed for me to diagnose the problem. It tells me what version of Mail Redirect you are using with what version of Thunderbird or SeaMonkey and o what platform. It lists your different accounts that could all cause errors. It also shows the other extensions you have installed that may interfere with Mail redirect and the most important preferences you have modified. I may need more information, but this is always a good start.

You can get to the Troubleshooting information by going to the menu Help → Troubleshooting Information. There you can click on the button to send the information via email to me. Most of the times there is no need to include account names, but it won't make too much of a difference as long as you send the information to me directly and not to the mailing list.

Error Console

The Error Console might contain information related to the error, for example a message about an undefined variable. For me to be of most use, you have to perform the following steps:

Compose a new mail to me and attach the file or add it to the ticket you created.

New to Mail Redirect 0.8 is the feature to send the Error Console contents via email. When you choose this option the contents of the Error Console are saved to a temporary file, which is attached to a new Message. This makes it a lot easier to send the information that is needed to me.