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The Mail Redirect extension uses either or for managing its localizations. If you are interested in translating Mailredirect to a new language, please do so at either of those website.

You can join CrowdIn on this page. After joining, you can go to Mail Redirect's project page and add suggestions for a new or existing translation, vote for them and/or help proofreading strings for a locale.

On BabelZilla you can create an account here. Once you are registered, you can go to Mailredirect's page on the Web Translation System and start translating it to your language. has more documentation on how to encode your strings and files...

As a last resort, it is also possible to clone Mail Redirect on GitHub and add your translations there, but since GitHub is a mirror of the project at sourceforge, I can't easily import your changes to the original project, so your additions might not show up as made by you.

I try to keep all localizations on all websites in sync, but this is a manual process, so it would be best to use only one way for each locale, in order to prevent strings from being overwritten by older versions.